Vedic Counselling for Relationship Healing

An in-depth research on 2 charts.

Duration: 60 minutes


  • In-depth study of the patterns at play individually and collectively.
  • Identification of blockages and potential karmas at play.

The Experts

Research team is led by a Senior Vedic Astrology Professional and supported by Internationally Certified Chakra, and Yoga Professionals.

Whom will you be speaking to

Session will be delivered by a Skythera Holistic Vedic Consultant.

Important Note

Skythera Professionals do not support any chart reading without the consent of the person whose chart is being discussed.

All our services are focussed on the intent to assist in understanding, healing and releasing any blockages from life.

In most cases, this leads to harmonizing of differences and helps in healing the bond.

We do not support and will not provide any services intended to manipulate or another's free will.


After your book

  • Within 24 hours, you will receive an email requesting the second chart's birth details.

  • Within 24 hours, you will receive an appointment email from Skythera with 3 available time slots during the next 3 days of your booking.

  • If none of the slots work for you, you may request a different time and another mutually suitable slot will be accommodated by the team.

  • In the meantime, a Skythera team of professionals will analyze the two charts.

  • A Skythera Holistic Vedic Consultant, who is an experienced Holistic Vedic researcher with expertise in Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga therapy and Chakra healing will be assigned to you for your session.

  • During your session, the Skythera Holistic Vedic Consultant will discuss the depths of the energies at play in the two charts.

  • They will guide you in the directions of your life paths, as per the blueprint assessment of the birth charts.


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