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Sankhya Philosophy of Creation

Purusha and Prakriti, the foundation of Sankhya Philosophy The most ancient of the schools of philosophy (orthodox,) the Sankhya Philosophy, divides the Universe into 2 foundational components i.e. Purusha and Prakriti. Purusha The pure consciousness, unchanging, non-judgmental, unaffected and eternally peaceful witness Prakriti The changeful, creative force which brings all things into being. In its […]

The Five Great Elements in Vedic Philosophy

Panch-Mahabhutas in Vedic Philosophy It is believed that the experience of life is based on one’s capacity for experiencing life. We are all made of the same substances that the universe is made of. And yet, all of us experience life in our own unique ways. The five subtle elements (also called the Tanmatras) of […]

Planets and Chakra Series – Muladhara Chakra – The Way to Flourish

A brief about the Muladhara Chakra The word Muladhara is a Sanskrit word composed of 2 root words: Mula: Root and Adhara: Support/ Base. Muladhara Chakra represents the energetic forces in our subtle body that give us Root Support i.e, our sense of safety and security. This is the force that controls the direction of […]

Planets and Chakras Series – Svadhisthan Chakra – A Manual For Healing and Manifestation

As we continue our exploration and investigation of the depths of Vedic Sciences, let us dive again into the realm of Planets and Chakras and how they operate together to create the experiences of the Soul. The word Svadhisthan is a Sanskrit word composed of 2 root words: Sva: Self and Adhisthan: Seat/ abode. Svadhisthan […]

Sun transit in Capricorn January 2022

The Essence of Sun in Capricorn As Sun travels to the sign of Capricorn, it is time to turn a page and embrace new beginnings. As much as the philosophical quest of the Sun in Sagittarius kept us going for the depths, the Karmic and responsible Capricorn allows the Sun to assume its natural disposition […]

Sun Transit in Scorpio

The Essence of Sun Transit In Scorpio In this astronomical event, as Sun transits in Scorpio, His unease is gone and He is looking to find meaning. With Ketu currently being in the sign of Scorpio, this search for meaning increases many folds and no amount of distraction can keep us from asking the deeper […]

Sun Transit in Libra

The Essence of Sun Transit in Libra (Details for each ascendant sign in the end!) With the transit of Sun in Libra, the domain of harmony and considered choices, the natural Atmakaraka is getting into the domain of relationships and people management. This is good from the perspective of taking a step back and seeing […]

Sun transit in Leo

The Essence of Sun in Leo With Sun’s transit in Leo, the natural Atmakaraka, Sun, is now in his own abode. In the sign of Leo, Sun is finally where he’s most comfortable. Atmakaraka means, the significator of the Soul. While every chart has an Atmakaraka according to the configuration of that chart, Sun serves […]

Sun Transit in Cancer

The Essence of Sun in Cancer With the transit of the Sun in Cancer, there is a shift in energy from imaginative and social to emotional and secretive. This secrecy is not about hiding anything but about protecting our intentions from getting affected by the skepticism or negativity of Nay-sayers. To create and live a […]

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