About Us

Skythera is on a mission to bring the timeless power of Vedic Astrology to everyone’s fingertips. We believe in the wisdom and secrets of the yore and we believe this wisdom should be available to everyone. Vedic Astrology is the most comprehensive and granular astrological treatise dividing the 12 zodiacs into 108 unique energetic patterns, thereby leading to thousands of permutations and combinations, making every individual’s blueprint unique to their own journey. Skythera brings the power of machine learning and math to the timeless astrological wisdom given by the seers to provide personalized insights into all aspects of life. Our team of researchers have joined hands with some of the best minds in technology and have created this platform to curate customized reports as per one’s time, date and place of birth. The comprehensive life blue print report of Skythera provides you with the most granular description of your astrological placements which include:

  ●The Planetary energies in your signs and houses

  ●The Nakshatras (asterisms) which are active in your chart and the secrets and messages of these asterisms as per scriptures and our research and insights.

  ●The Nakshatra Padas (Navamsa energies) which are at play defining the more subtle aspect of these energies.

  ●Mandala techniques created by Skythera for the first time alongside the astrological blue print which provide the exact affirmations for you to manifest the life, relationships and wealth as per your deepest desires. *

We invite you to take advantage of this amazing subject and gain the powerful tools and insights that have the potential to turn your life around and help you fulfil all your desires! *

*Results vary from person to person.

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